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Intelligent Transportation Systems South Africa

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Fleet Telematics


Entry Level Tracking


Ruggedised Waterproof Tracking


Solar Powered Tracking

iGoBoxTrak Junior

Battery Powered Tracking - 3 yr

iGoBoxTrak Senior

Battery Powered Tracking - 5yr


Advanced Communication Tracking

iGoRugged iGoBoxTrak Senior iGoZing iGoWhizz iGoSolar

We supply an innovative range of GPS tracking and telematics devices together with a user-friendly web based software platform for the fleet, logistics and communications industries.

Engineered to the highest specifications, our extensive range of devices incorporate best quality components from the world's leading manufacturers with cutting-edge design enhancements to maximise reliability and data integrity.

The entire range is seamlessly integrated with our device management platform and customer facing web-based tracking platform which is fully mobile responsive.