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PoE Integrated

Reducing wiring complexity is the first priority for mobile surveillance. Nvis mobile solutions, which integrate IEEE802.3af (16.8Watt per port) and GbE-based PoE into rugged platforms, not only simplify installation and are ready for the rising adoption of high 5+ megapixel cameras.

Leading Computing Platform

To reinforce the trend of NVR applications and camera technologies, Nvis solutions offer the most advanced and scalable computing platforms ranging from low-power Intel ® Atom™ to high-performance Intel® Core™ processors. Unlike video capture card solutions, NViS hybrid solutions bring video decoder onboard and can render images without additional Hardware.

Dual Local Displays for Multitasking

Two is better than one. Powered by leading computing platforms, Nvis solutions by default have dual local display interfaces, including VGA and digital display outputs which enable multitasking like local live view, video playback, search etc.

Dedicated for Mobile Surveillance

However challenged by harsh environmental conditions, reliability is the key to survive for mobile surveillance. NViS mobile solutions has proofed it reliability and won the endorsement based on the standard of MIL-STD 810F,514.5, C3 (composite wheeled vehicle). They can meet duties in a wide temperature range from -20OC to 60OC.

Wide Vehicle Power Input

Random surge and transient power anomalies is only too common in vehicle. To adapt to different boost voltage of power input from vehicle batteries, NViS mobile solutions support 9~36V wide voltage power input and can be used with common 12V and 24V vehicle batteries.

Power Ignition

Stable power input is essential to mobile surveillance. NViS mobile solutions offer external power ignition that acts as a buffer between vehicle batteries and NViS mobile solutions. With configurable timing delay setting, power ignition modules provide NViS mobile solutions well protection from premature failure at boot/shutdown phase.

Communication Technology

Without wireless communication , mobile surveillance is an isolated island. NViS mobile solutions offer full suite of wireless communication technologies including 3G, 802.11n Wi-Fi, and GPS. Customers can choose from and install NViS pre-validated communication modules as per their own needs.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

Hybrid, mobile, and intelligence are essential qualities of security surveillance as it becomes more and more integrated into every industry. NEXCOM NViS video intelligent surveillance solutions include mobile DVR/ NVR, hybrid DVR/ NVR, and industrial surveillance server and therefore can fulfill assorted demands of various vertical markets. Such as transportation, retail, commercial, government, banking, education, robotics, hospitality, casinos, healthcare and residential markets.