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Wireless Sensors

Wireless sensor technology can monitor any activity in your world providing an intelligence—a sensing invention—that gives you that control.

Sensors provide a unique ID, sense movement, temperature, light, tilt, pressure and many more attributes. Our sensors can also act as active RFID or NFC devices.

So how does it work?

It’s simple. It all starts with a small wireless sensor.

The sensor can take the form of a credit card, wristband, a pendant, a watch - or it could be built into any of your business assets: a delivery truck, for instance.

Next, you tag anything you want with our sensors:

your possessions, loved ones, cars, or business equipment.

Enabled products will come with sensors built in.

The updater then updates a remote database with data from all your sensors. This live data can be securely viewed via the internet.

Our integrated solutions have the following features:

Sense automatically once installed and notify the owner only when a predefined event occurs

Multi-sensing functionality

GSM and Ethernet network connectivity

Hosted software solutions available anywhere

Long battery life depending on the application

Unique secure identity per sensor

Vast application possibilities.

Our solutions offers you the following advantages:

Advanced sensors with read ranges of up to 30 meters indoors and 60 meters outdoors. Outdoors in open spaces this can be increased dramatically when incorporating battery management.

Highly durable Long life battery.

Compact updaters designed with the latest technology and wireless links to the host computer make installation a snap.

User-friendly host software using familiar Windows ME, 2000, XP or Windows 7.

Flexibility to integrate and enhance existing systems and provide a real business benefit.