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Warehouse and Freight Software Solutions

ITS South Africa offers the best locally developed Freight, Logistics and Warehousing Software in South Africa.


The ITS SA FreightOnline system is an internet based processing and tracking system that is split into 4 modules:

Client Track & Trace

Allows clients to log in and view their waybill \ POD information. Client has the ability to search by date range, waybill no, or unique reference no. POD reports \ downloads are also available for client use - eliminating time consuming queries.

Branch Track & Trace

Allows staff to process\retrieve information from additional branches or satellite offices, like:-     Waybill Capture/Billing, POD capture/retrieval

Customer/rates/3rd party management reporting

3rd Party Track & Trace

Allows your 3rd party's to log into the system and capture POD information relating to deliveries they have done on behalf of you. This eliminates timely delays in getting POD information back to your office once a delivery has been done.

Online in-house system

The online system assists your in-house staff with Waybill \ Label printing, waybill capture \ billing, quoting, and manifesting, to streamline your in-house operations. The system is live at all times, eliminating the need to transfer data between the in-house and your head office. As soon as a waybill is captured at in-house level, it will be visible to the rest of your network.


The ITS SA WarehouseOnline system is fully scalable in design. The ITS SA Warehouse Online system allows clients to login to the system via the internet and view \ manage their warehouses remotely. Clients can only view warehouses relating to their login credentials. Depending on the level of access a client has been given, the client can do the following functions:

The ITS SA Warehouse Online system is extremely powerful and remains at the forefront of online data warehousing technology today. It can be used by an existing warehousing company that wants to give their clients complete visibility of their products being warehoused, or by a retailer who wishes to advertise & sell their products via the e-commerce model.

The ITS SA Warehouse Management System was designed to mange all the operations within a warehousing environment, with 2 modes of operation:

Serial No. Mode

        This mode uses a unique serial no for each item that is entering or leaving the          warehouse. This mode tracks unique products to be tracked\monitored individually.

Batch Mode

        This mode does not distinguish between products of the same type and simply uses         the QTY variable to control stock. This is for warehousing bulk items that do not need         to be tracked or monitored individually.