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Fleet Management Software Solutions

ITS South Africa offers a very extensive Fleet Management Software Application specifically developed for the South African transport and fleet industry.

The ITS SA Fleet Management Software Application offers the large fleet owner a comprehensive set of tools and integration capabilities, to enable the fleet manger to generate various reports, in order to consolidate all costs related to the vehicle and driver and to calculate the actual running cost of a Fleet (cpk).  

The ITS SA Desktop Fleet Management Toolkit Software Application, designed for small to medium fleets, to assist fleet manager’s with the operation and administration of their fleets, including the importing of fuel and maintenance downloads, from the various service providers.  

The ITS SA Desktop Travel Allowance Toolkit Software Application was designed to assist the Travel Allowance earner, in the administration and management of their vehicle travel allowance. This product is accredited by an Auditing Firm, confirming that the Toolkit is fully compliant in terms of SARS requirements, in order to assist the Taxpayer, in maintaining the necessary details required to complete the tax return accurately.

Benefits of using the ITS SA Fleet Management Software Application

The application front end has been designed in such a way that it keeps simplicity and user friendliness in mind.

It Provides our clients with a locally developed application, tailor made for the South African Fleet Market.

It is a cost effective solution, developed for businesses that want to bring technology into their Fleet Management environment, without the cost of the specification and development of an in-house Fleet Management Program.

The Application allows the linking of driver and vehicles in a flexible manner.  

If you use the application effectively it becomes a Management Tool, as well as, being used in the Human Resources environment.

The value of information is directly linked to how it helps decision makers achieve the organisation’s goals. The value of the information will measure the value and ROI achieved in using this information correctly. It is directly related to making the necessary business decisions. This saves time, effort and money thus increasing the profitability of the enterprise.