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Telematics comprises an interconnected set of technology systems that work together to create the overall functionality of the vehicles information and management systems such as telecommunications, vehicular technologies, road transportation, road safety, electrical engineering, sensors, instrumentation, wireless communications, and computer sciences like multimedia and the Internet.

Big Telematic Data from Vehicles

In the near future the networked vehicle will be an essential participant in smart wireless networks, and as such, a number of vehicle manufacturers are actively integrating wireless-based telematics services into their vehicles.

At the same time numerous aftermarket products are targeted to both consumer and professional vehicle markets providing new ways to add both business and entertainment-related applications and services.

Common to both of these trends is the need to manage the increasing quantity of vehicle and location related data.

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Telematic Applications

Telematic applications for vehicles are usually divided into three categories:

Front seat applications deal with driver support: primarily navigation, including lost/stolen vehicle location, and traffic reporting. For commercial vehicles, this includes fleet management applications for both private fleets and public transportation. Fleet management applications include electronic logbooks, public transportation fare systems, fleet routing, and business applications that run on the driver’s portable device.

Rear seat systems are aimed at entertaining non-driving occupants of the vehicle, and here attention focuses on music, video, games and location-based services.

In-Vehicle systems are more concerned with the vehicle itself: monitoring vehicle conditions and driving activities, checking for unsafe conditions, requesting maintenance, and providing emergency location.

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